Nautica FELINE 20 RIB Search & Rescue Watercraft

The Nautica FELINE 20 RIB (Firm Inflatable Boat) is a 20 foot catamaran. A darn near unsinkable boat used world wide by search and rescue teams in lake and Offshore waters. Excellent dive watercraft. We demonstrate how unsinkable this baby is – watch as it handles a full load of water in the boat. …

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Anatomy of a RIBCRAFT Firm Inflatable Boat, Part 1

An inflatable boat trailer is required if the customer has a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB), since those boats have only an inflatable collar surrounding a solid hull. RIB’s are regular watercrafts in many ways. A true inflatable boat does not need a trailer but in some cases the customer may desire one. Larger inflatable boats can take some time to inflate and be put together completely.
If the indiv…

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Great White Shark Strikes Inflatable Watercraft! (Exclusive Video)

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When you think about a bass watercraft what comes to mind? A ultra fast, smooth boat with unusually large outboard electric motor that’s tinted like a youngster’s play plaything, right? Bass boats are the perfect tool for bass angling, I indicate hell these boats are developed solely for fishing for bass and also they…

Finest inflatable fishing watercraft

Choosing an inflatable boat for hunting or fishing is a smart choice for anyone lacking the space to store a traditional rigid boat or the means to trailer or cartop a boat to the water.

The choices available range from inexpensive plastic models from the big box shops to totally kitted out Hypalon versions that will definitely surprise you!

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Intex Seahawk 4 Inflatable FIshing Boat Video Testimonial by Rubber Boats

Intex Seahawk 4 Inflatable Angling Watercraft Video Testimonial by Rubber Boats

Many bass fishing enthusiasts who don’t have the means to afford a high priced boat for fishing think that they are stuck angling from the bank, but reality is this does not need to be the case.

Actually there are lots of mini bass boats that are readily available to bass fishermen that only need a fraction of the financial investment of a traditional bass fishing boat.   The boats …